Services this Sunday

Sunday 21st January, 2018,  09.30 Common Worship Order 1 Contemporary
St John the Baptist
Sunday 28th January, 2018,  09.30
Faith Explored: Asylum and the Flight of the Holy Family
Epiphany 3
Epiphany 4
Rev'd Roland Price
Rev'd Val Gibbons
Genesis 14. v17-20  Fiona Blyth
1st Reading
Genesis 14. v17-20  Fiona Blyth
Revelation 19. v6-10  Peter Ferry
2nd Reading
Revelation 12. v1-5a
John 2. v1-11  Celebrant
Mark 1. v21-28 Celebrant
3 Ext Proper Preface
As set
Jill Atkins
As set
Jill Atkins
Rosemary Garner
Rosemary Garner
Peter Ferry
Pat Morse
Veronica Shann
Janet Knowles
Janet Knowles
Breyan Knowles
Breyan Knowles
616, Ps 128, 609 v1,2,&5, 12, 691
201 v1,3, 88, 35, 199, 966, 851

Friday 26th January, 2018  11.00
Old Vicarage
Friday 2nd February,, 2018  11.00
Bunty Jago
Janet Knowles
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Watch a video of the development of our Outreach Partnership with St Phillip the Apostle, Huhudi South Africa

On Sunday, 20th October, 2013 we celebrated the completion of Re-ordering Work in our Church with a Special Service:

Moving forward the work of the Gospel

We would like to share with you the Intercessions used during the Service.

Living God,
In this building, our church, 
    used to the sound of singing:
    which has seen baptisms and funerals;
    where people have come to be married;
    or to celebrate the birth of a child;
    where people have wept, or have been filled with joy.
In this building, our church, 
    where people through prayer: 
    have wrestled with the deep things of life; 
    have been stirred and changed.
In this building, our church, 
    where you have ever loved your people:
    be with us now and for always.
Dear Father,
Make our minds and hearts, like the new wineskins, 
     strong , open and 
     ready to receive the new wine of your Holy Spirit and 
     the knowledge of your great love and truth. 
Renew us, help us always to listen to you, 
     to be ready to respond, and 
     to travel with you in any way you ask of us,

God, our Heavenly Father,
Help us to make the door of our church 
     wide enough to welcome 
           all who need human love and fellowship and a Father’s care;
     but narrow enough to shut out 
           all envy, pride and lack of love. 
Help us to make it a place 
     where the tempted can find help, 
     the sorrowing receive comfort, 
     the sick find rest, and 
     the penitent be assured of your mercy; 
     a place where all your children can be renewed and 
     go on their way in hope and with confidence in your love.